Thursday, November 10, 2011

To Any Players Signed Up To Carbon Poker Through My Site

I just want all of my players to know that I have signed us up for a an extra freeroll on Carbon Poker. Make sure you take advantage of this opportunity in order to help you learn more about MTT and  to start a bankroll! I hope you enjoy this offer! 
Every month on the second Saturday and Sunday of the month CarbonPoker is offering a $500 freeroll and a $500 Added Value- $2.20 Buyin for our players - Join Now!   
Here are the details to this months exclusive tournament series.
Name: Exclusive $500 Freeroll
Where: CarbonPoker Lobby
When:  November 12th @ 15:00 CarbonPoker Server time.
Location: CarbonPoker>> Tournaments>> Private>> Scheduled.
Name: Exclusive $500 Added Value – $2.20 Buyin
Where: CarbonPoker Lobby
When:  November 13th @ 15:00 CarbonPoker Server time
Location: CarbonPoker>> Tournaments>> Private>> Scheduled.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Optimisim From a US Professional Poker Player!

 I decided to let my buddy Marc write about his poker success and experiences! I thought it would be a great way to promote himself and keep other American poker players motivated to keep playing hard!! Enjoy his letter!

Hello Guys,

My name is Marc I live in Pompano Beach Fl right now. I have been playing poker professionally for 6 years. I started playing in 2004 after watching the main event on T.V. I was so clueless at the time I didn’t even know that they put up there on money. I thought ESPN just gave out those prizes. I have obviously come along way. I played play chips on party poker for 6 months or so. I actually started with 5,000 chips and built it up to 1 billion chips. Yes I had no life. I deposited $100 and lost it and another $50 and lost that. I decided to take one more shot and I did and never looked back. I started on 0.10/0.25 and made around $1,000 after that binked a $1 tourney for $500. After that I skipped 0.25/50 and played 0.5/1 and made around $2,000 or so. My semi break came when I jumped up to $2-4 one night and won $1,500. I ended up pounding out $17,000 more on 2/4. After that the government shut it down (2006 ) shut down. I took a most of the year off and didn’t play much probably made $10,000 on FT and Bodog. In 2008 I was making around $3,000 a month playing .5/1 and was somewhat content. Something really motivated me and I decided to start 8 table and did pretty well and ended up winning $40,000 which ranked me first on Absolute Poker 0.5/1. In 2009 I clocked in around 1,000 hours mostly 9 tabling and made around $80,000 which was second for my limit. 2010 started great and made around 30,000 the first 5 months. I had a rough break up which caused my to play less. During the government shutdown I luckily only had $1,500 on AP. I decided to play full time live and did that the last 6 months or so. I am waiting for government to legalize before I play again. I have never worked a day in my life and I thank the game of poker for that.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hand Review: I made a terrible play but it worked out! Deep discussion required!

 Alright this is my first hand review! I decided to put a terrible hand on here that  way I could get a lot of in-depth discussion and criticism. A lot of Reddit readers also wanted to get some deep poker discussion going. Hopefully this satisfies and opens a lot up of talk!

So let me explain my play in this hand. I was BB and called the pot odds despite being out of position to call as well. I hit my five and bet putting this guy on over cards. I was re-raised on the flop, however this villain likes to re-raise a lot more then they should. So I went over the top! I bad beat the bastard and probably paid for it the next hand because I got KK and lost to QTo.

What is the estimated loss of equity making this play long term?
What are other potential options when PLAYING this hand?
Anything else is up for discussion as well!

Merge - $.50+$0.10|<> NL - Holdem - 9 players
Hand converted by PokerTracker 3:

MP+1: 1,387.00
LP: 1,030.00
CO: 1,420.00
BTN: 1,675.00
SB: 3,765.00
Hero (BB): 1,015.00
UTG: 1,510.00
UTG+1: 1,686.00
MP: 1,512.00

SB posts SB 25.00, Hero posts BB 50.00

Pre Flop: (75.00) Hero has Kd 5d

fold, fold, fold, fold, fold, fold, BTN raises to 100.00, fold, Hero calls 50.00

Flop: (225.00, 2 players) 5s Td 7h
Hero bets 112.00, BTN raises to 224.00, Hero raises to 915.00 and is all-in, BTN calls 691.00

Turn: (2055.00, 2 players) Kh

River: (2055.00, 2 players) 4s

BTN shows Ts Jh (One Pair, Tens) (PreFlop 43%, Flop 75%, Turn 5%)
Hero shows Kd 5d (Two Pair, Kings and Fives) (PreFlop 57%, Flop 25%, Turn 95%)
Hero wins 2,055.00

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How to Build a Poker Bankroll


To be entirely honest, starting a bankroll from scratch is pretty difficult. Sure there are freerolls floating around the net all the time. You can try and win one of those in order to start your bank roll but I prefer my method better. The merge network allows players to enter into a series of steps tournaments for free everyday. Each member gets ten tickets for entry into the steps. There are three steps. If you win the third step then a dollar will be deposited into your account that can be used towards real money poker games.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Attention!! New York, Kentucky, Washington DC, Maryland, Washington, Missouri and Louisiana Poker Players

New York, Kentucky, Washington DC, Maryland, Washington, Missouri and Louisiana Poker Players! Carbon Poker and all of the Merge Network Poker Rooms will not accept players from your state.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Is online poker rigged? Real answers – not just theories.

This is a guest post by Ryan over at We hope you enjoy his article!

Is online poker rigged? Real answers – not just theories.
Browse any online poker forum and you’ll come across a number of threads where this ‘million dollar question’ is debated. You’ll see a whole spectrum of opinions, from the spectacularly neurotic: “just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get me”, and the devil’s advocate: “I’m not saying it’s rigged but it would be possible to rig a game by… ”, to the staunch believer: “there is simply no reason why a poker site would want to rig the game – it makes no sense”.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Poker Tracker 3 Basic Setup

This is the first video of my Video Blog. Please let me know what you think. This didn't come out like I expected but I wanted to share it anyway in order to learn from the video myself.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Carbon Poker Is Now Accepting New US Players!

Carbon Poker is very proud to announce that as of Wednesday, October 13th at 12:01AM Server Time CarbonPoker and PDC Poker will be accepting new players worldwide!

Signup through Foldshovepoker and get an 100% bonus up to $600. Use this exclusive bonus code: SHOVEPOKERBONUS

This means most players from the US will be able to sign up and deposit from Carbon Poker! I am probably more excited then anyone else because this is my favorite online poker room available for US poker players! Please contact me for any information

Friday, October 7, 2011

Carbon Poker Is Still Not Accepting New US Players


I want to apologize to all of my potential clients that were excited about my offers and promotions for Carbon Poker which is located on the Merge Network. As a poker player over on Carbon Poker and Players Only, I was able to continue playing poker. However Carbon stopped accepting new American players back in July. I knew this but was misinformed about the situation. I was told that they only paused US poker service for 4-6 weeks and then would resume American player acceptance. I was then told by several good sources that they were now accepting Americans. However his is not true. For the time being Carbon Poker is not accepting any new American poker players! I will be updating my ads and reviews to reflect this knowledge. Cake Poker and Bodog are still currently accepting American players until I find out otherwise. This error will not happen again and I appreciate all of the positive feedback from my blog. If your still interested in online poker or even live casino please continue your readership! I more then appreciate just having people stumble upon my blog and read my little bit of knowledge. In other news my zero to 10k challenge is going very well! I have 100 dollars in my account after one week. Hopefully variance does me well and I can continue my positive progress with some expected ups and downs!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tribute To Steve Jobs From A Poker Player

Dear Players,

One of the most iconic men in the past 30 years passed away today, October 5th 2011. His name is Steve Jobs and nearly every single person in the modern world has been touched by him in someway. In every electronic device you currently own there is influence from Steve. Jobs gave us the most important tool we will ever use, the computer. Without the Apple and Jobs, how would we have ever have moved our Wagon and family across the Oregon Trail? We as poker players should be most happy with Jobs. Without him, poker would still be in Vegas or in a smoke filled Veteran Hall. We owe him for bringing the personal computer to the world and allowing us to play online poker. Without him and his influence on every single device you own, we wouldn't be playing poker in our pajamas at five in the morning. The WSOP and other venues would not be broadcast on ESPN or NBC. In fact most of us would have never learned the game if it were not for his innovation that dominates the modern world. To keep this short and sweet, thank you Steve Jobs! You were never a perfect being but neither are we. The world is blessed by your intellect and forward thinking. Mankind will be eternally great-full because of the Modern Computer. Everyone please take a moment to reflect on what that man gave us! We owe him that much.

Matt Dawson

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Exclusive Floptober Poker Tournament at Carbon Poker

The first ten people to sign up with the awesome bonus code SHOVEPOKERBONUS at Carbon Poker in October and deposit a minimum of $10 will be invited to a private tournament at the end of the month. I will be adding my own personal stake into this in order to sweeten the prize pool! Remember to email me at email) and I will give you the date, time, and password. Remember this is an exclusive tournament for the first ten people to sign up over at Carbon Poker. Make sure you use the bonus code SHOVEPOKERBONUS

Monday, October 3, 2011

Carbon Poker Review and Updates for October

Carbon Poker is a relatively new poker room based on the Merge Gaming network. The biggest and best advantage of this online poker room is that they accept deposits from U.S. players, therefore offering a large player volume, especially during peak hours. Carbon Poker frequently has outstanding promotions, stylish and very stable software and more then enough loose games. The game variation is also very impressive – players will find all popular poker games. This room is also growing daily, so I highly recommend you get in on the fast action!

Signup through Foldshovepoker and get an 100% bonus up to $600. Use this exclusive bonus code: SHOVEPOKERBONUS

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Staking Poker at Cake or Carbon Poker

I am looking for one player who wants to be staked full time. I have been on many sites looking for players to include Part time poker and a few others. I have only found several players who have lied about stakes and stats and have not really shown me anything yet. If you meet these few qualifications and want to play staked for a minimum of 12 months. Please consider my offer. This stake is for a player who is willing to prove himself or herself. Not just try and get some free money to play for the short term.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

888 Poker Review for September/ October

Get $8/£5 FREE to try the new 888poker
"Same game, but different" is how 888poker describes their new revolutionary 3D software. "Different" seems to be an understatement and you'll find out why when you take a free ride through this futuristic poker paradise. All you have to do is register and you'll get a complimentary $8/£5 on the spot to enjoy the new world of 888poker.

Hollywood Casino Indiana Poker Promotion

Hollywood Casino in Lawrenceburg, Indiana is now offering Ohmaha Tournaments starting in October. The current times are:

7:15 pm Tuesday
11:15 am Sunday

The current promotion that I am completely in love with is the Poker Tournament Vouchers Program. For every 25 hours playing poker at the casino you will be given a $100 voucher good towards any poker tournament at Hollywood Casino. This promotion runs from Sunday - Thursday (Gaming Day 6 am to 5:59 am) Oct 2. through Oct. 31 2011.

Indiana Power Poker Course
Friday November 18th there will be a $500 dollar course involving poker pros like, Matusow, Lee, and Mizrachi. Anyone who signs up also has a chance to win a seat to the $1600 BI HFC Main Event. Register at the poker room or at

Hollywood Casino Indiana Poker is the premiere place to play in the Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana tristate! Stop in when you get a chance! You will be very impressed by the great comp deals, staff, and general donk-fest that occurs every night!

How to Poker: Poker Odds Charts

Hand Win Percentages Against A Random Hand
A K Q J 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2
A 0.851 0.669 0.662 0.654 0.647 0.629 0.621 0.611 0.601 0.599 0.590 0.581 0.573
K 0.654 0.824 0.633 0.624 0.617 0.599 0.583 0.575 0.568 0.557 0.549 0.540 0.532
Q 0.644 0.615 0.798 0.602 0.594 0.577 0.561 0.544 0.537 0.528 0.518 0.511 0.502
J 0.636 0.605 0.581 0.775 0.575 0.558 0.540 0.522 0.506 0.499 0.490 0.482 0.475
10 0.628 0.597 0.572 0.553 0.748 0.539 0.524 0.505 0.490 0.473 0.465 0.457 0.448
9 0.607 0.577 0.554 0.532 0.516 0.720 0.507 0.491 0.474 0.457 0.438 0.432 0.425
8 0.599 0.560 0.536 0.515 0.497 0.482 0.691 0.478 0.463 0.446 0.427 0.409 0.402
7 0.589 0.552 0.517 0.496 0.479 0.463 0.450 0.662 0.453 0.437 0.419 0.401 0.382
6 0.577 0.542 0.511 0.478 0.461 0.446 0.433 0.424 0.631 0.432 0.414 0.396 0.378
5 0.578 0.533 0.502 0.472 0.442 0.426 0.414 0.405 0.401 0.603 0.415 0.397 0.378
4 0.567 0.524 0.492 0.462 0.435 0.407 0.394 0.386 0.381 0.381 0.569 0.387 0.369
3 0.558 0.514 0.484 0.453 0.426 0.400 0.374 0.366 0.361 0.362 0.351 0.536 0.361
2 0.550 0.506 0.473 0.444 0.417 0.391 0.368 0.346 0.341 0.343 0.333 0.323 0.503

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

WCOOP 2011 Poker Main Event Results

1 Kallllle Denmark $1,260,018.50
2 Vojta_R Czech Republic $710,000.00
3 goleafsgoeh Canada $560,000.00
4 BackDoorovic Sweden $650,000.00
5 VadziMoney Belarus $750,000.00
6 WhySoSrsSon United Kingdom $222,085.50
7 jle90 Mexico $162,700.00
8 OU THE NICK Germany $122,025.00
9 dan82mur Romania $81,350.00
10 LoneHixx Canada $53,691.00

How To Play Texas Holdem Poker

I will be using the article on how to play poker for now until I have the time to write my own.

Betting structures

A standard hold 'em game showing the position of the blinds relative to the dealer button
Hold 'em is normally played using small and big blind bets – forced bets by two players. Antes (forced contributions by all players) may be used in addition to blinds, particularly in later stages of tournament play. A dealer button is used to represent the player in the dealer position; the dealer button rotates clockwise after each hand, changing the position of the dealer and blinds. The small blind is posted by the player to the left of the dealer and is usually equal to half of the big blind. The big blind, posted by the player to the left of the small blind, is equal to the minimum bet. In tournament poker, the blind/ante structure periodically increases as the tournament progresses. (In some cases, the small blind is some other fraction of a small bet; e.g., $10 is a common small blind when the big blind is $15, and still other tables may use two equal blinds. The double-blind structure described above is a commonly used and more recent adoption.)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Poker Hand Ranking

This is actually something that I get asked all the time. So here is a quick look at the Poker hand guide.

Royal Flush

A straight from a ten to an ace with all five cards of the same suit. In poker all suits are ranked equally.

Straight Flush

Any straight with all five cards of the same suit.

Four of a Kind

Any four cards of the same rank. If two players share the same Four of a Kind, the bigger fifth card (known as the kicker) decides who wins the pot.

Full House

Any three cards of the same rank together with any two cards of the same rank. Our example shows "Aces full of Kings" and it is a bigger full house than "Kings full of Aces."


Any five cards of the same suit (not order). The highest card of the five determines the rank of the flush. Our example shows an Ace-high flush, which is the highest possible.


Any five consecutive cards of different suits. Aces can count as either a high or a low card. Our example shows a five-high straight, which is the lowest possible straight.

Three of a Kind

Any three cards of the same rank. Our example shows three-of-a-kind Aces, with a King and a Queen as side cards - the best possible three of a kind.

Two Pair

Any two cards of the same rank together with another two cards of the same rank. Our example shows the best possible two-pair, Aces and Kings. The highest pair of the two determines the rank of the two-pair.

One Pair

Any two cards of the same rank. Our example shows the best possible one-pair hand.

High Card

Any hand not in the above-mentioned hands. Our example shows the best possible high-card hand.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Do You Possess These Great Professional Poker Player Qualities

Let me go ahead and say that I am not a professional poker player. Its very unlikely that I will every become one. Despite that let my ego slide in and say, I posses all of these qualities and many of you also have these qualities. The difference is how often you call on them to help your game day in an day out. Lets jump right in here and lay out the qualities all of the greats have.

How To Quickly Become A Better Poker Player Part II

Welcome to part two on how to quickly become a better poker player. Im glad your back for the second part because the first five points were important but I thought another article was needed to help make your rise to poker stardom more complete. Drum Roll please, and here are the next five points to get your game going in the right direction.

6. The Community Cards Are Very Important

Your hole cards and the betting pattern of your opponents is obviously very important. I also hope you know the flop, turn, and river are just as important. You need to learn the odds of drawing the flush or the straight on the turn and river. You can't just be a calling station because you need a 7 to complete your ten high straight. Pay attention to these community cards because every card could hurt or help you. This point will bringing you to the topics of pot odds, implied odds, and other statistical methods to help you make the proper decision based on the flop, turn, and river. Don't call a bet because you want the next card. Call the bet because the price is right based on how much you could win and the odds that you will draw that card. We want to earn money not pray for it!

Deciding Which Poker Variant Is Best For You

Now which type of game do I play?
Once you have learned how to play Texas Holdem Poker(or the other styles) and deposited money you must choose a variant. The three major variants are Cash, Multi-table Tournaments, and Sit n Go Tournaments. Picking the one that fits your goals and playing style will be very important in your quest to produce a profit. Each style has its own advantages and disadvantages. So lets break down all three to help you pick.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Looking for Free Poker Software?

The only true free poker software
Like you, I started playing online poker without the aid of software in my game or study. I began a long journey through Google searching and searching for great poker software that was free.
Do you know what I found? A few offers for free software that had lengthy conditions and Poker stove. Poker stove is not an in game software. So it wont help you while you play the tables. However it really is a great poker calculator that allows you to put up different situations and hands in order to better understand the odds.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Staying Focused During Online Poker

The great part about online poker is the ability to do other things while you play. If you walk into my poker den, you will find me eating half a pizza, listening to the baseball game, and keeping a Facebook tab open. We can do all of these things because were at a desk in our home. Playing poker at the casino limits us to what we can do.
There is one big problem that will hold most online poker players back. Staying focused on the tables we play becomes neglected very quickly when Joey Votto smacks one out of the park. We must learn how to stay focused in order to increase our profit. Lets face it poker is fun, but its much more fun when we win. Players must discipline themselves enough to keep that focus despite external tasks.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

How To Quickly Become A Better Poker Player

How to poker: Improve your game with these winning tips
If your tired of losing poker online or at your friends house then you really need to take this article seriously! Playing poker is a lot of fun but why waste your time and money losing every night after work. The old adage of poker is: Poker is easy to learn but difficult to master. However, becoming an above average player is not that difficult. Take these next few tips to heart and you will quickly see the days of losing are over. Trust this guide and poker will become much much more fun!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Most insane poker hand ever recorded!

I just found this crazy video, on youtube, of the worst cooler I have ever seen in Texas Holdem Poker.

Please leave comments and let me know what you think!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Indiana State Poker Championship at Hollywood Casino

Good morning Ohio! Its going to be a hot one in the Indiana/Ohio/Kentucky region today, so stay inside and crank up the AC while you pray for zero power outages! I don't know if any of my loyal readers are going to end up playing in the Indiana State Poker Championship but I will be there! Unfortunately due to some medical bills stemming from a bull riding accident and my current student loans I will only be playing the $350 + $45 No Limit Hold'em (Deep Stack)(250KGuaranteed)(Re-Entry) and more then likely one of those pesky satellite tournaments for a main event seat. The winner of the ISPC main event will also receive a ticket to the WPT at Hollywood Casino! I'm very much looking forward to the action and will be tweeting none stop when time allows for it. I don't know what the rules on using cell phones will be (as they vary from event to event) but I hope I can keep everyone updated on the action in the Cincinnati Tri-State area. The event will be running all week from August 11-21. The full schedule may be found at Indiana State Poker Championship Schedule

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Indiana Casino Becomes WPT Stop and Brands Poker Room

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Poker Players Alliance is now giving detailed information on claiming money back from fulltilt!

The Poker Players Alliance (PPA), has come up with a legal guide that was published in order to let players know how they could go about claiming their money back from those online poker sites that were shut down.
So I guess the PPA is now providing a way for Fulltilt players to make a claim for their money! I can't find a PPA article regarding how to do this but maybe some of you Google savvy poker players can help me out! The Poker Players Alliance: Take Action
Think your ready to start playing online besides waiting?

Try out Cake Poker! This site accepts US players and has a 110% deposit bonus. Try Cake Poker today! Try Cake Poker Now

Check out the full article from TightPoker
PPA Teaches Poker Players How to Get Compensation From Full Tilt Poker

How to Play Poker: Look like a pro poker player during live poker events

Everyone who plays online poker always asks me, "How important is my appearance at the poker table?" I always tell them its very very important because the way people may perceive your online play will be completely different during live play! The most important thing you can do is make people believe that you know exactly what the heck your doing.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WSOP 2011 November Nine list for the World Series of Poker

The November Nine will be:

Martin Staszko (40.1 million in chips)
Eoghan O'Dea (33.9 million)
Matt Giannetti (24.7 million)
Phil Collins (23.8 million)
Ben Lamb (20.8 million)
Badih Bounahra (19.7 million)
Pius Heinz (16.4 million)
Anton Makiievskyi (13.8 million)
Sam Holden (12.3 million)

I hate winter but I can't wait untill this happens!! Thanks ESPN for the coverage! My prediction for the match will be 1. Matt Giannetti 2. Phil Collins 3. Ben Lamb 4. Martin Staszko 5. Badih Bounahra 6. Pius Heinz 7. Anton Makiivskyi 8. Eoghan O'Dea 9. Sam Holden

Low Stakes Poker At Hollywood Casino

We just raked in a ton of cash at the Hollywood Casino Indiana poker tables! I love cash games now! Reading Dan Harrington on Cash really helped me out! Hollywood Casino: Lawrenceburg, Indiana
Check it out!
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Monday, July 18, 2011

How To Stay Healthy And Play Poker

There are thousands of poker players online everyday busting out 8 hour sessions or more in order to get the needed volume of games completed in order to see a reasonable profit. I bet many of these, "grinders" as they are called, have little or no hygiene and health! So I'm going to throw out a few healthy choices you can make in order to make your self healthier and more comfortable sitting at a desk all day.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Blogging about poker!

Hey guys! I just wanted to say hey and thank you for the new support this week! I really want to start making some more complex articles while still being enthusiastic about promoting my new and exciting poker blog. My current articles in the writing process are related to hot poker pros and a detailed review of Android and Iphone Poker apps! So check back soon or add me on twitter at foldshovepoker ! I hope to see all of you on the online or casino felt soon! You can also find me on at potheadwoman

Oh by the way! I just started research for an article about how to stay healthy while grinding 10 poker tables at a time! So for all of you poker grinders at bodog, pokerstars, lockpoker check my blog again in a week or so to find all sorts of great ways to keep in shape while sitting at your computer for twelve hours a day!!
Blog Directory

Thursday, July 14, 2011

2011 WSOP pay structure!

Nice! Day 4 will start with 1200 people. Those guys must be getting excited! Hope all my dudes make the money!! I would be happy as hell to make money at the most elite event! WSOP 11

2011 WSOP Final Table Payouts:
1st - $8,711,956
2nd - $5,430,928
3rd - $4,019,635
4th - $3,011,661
5th - $2,268,909
6th - $1,720,396
7th - $1,313,851
8th - $1,009,910
9th - $782,115
Additional Main Event Payouts:
10th-12th - $607,882
13th-15th - $478,174
16th-18th - $378,796
19th-27th - $302,005
28th-36th - $242,636
37th-45th - $196,174
46th-54th - $160,036
55th-63rd - $130,997
64th-72nd - $108,412
73rd-81st - $90,343
82nd-90th - $76,146
91st-99th - $64,531
100th-162nd - $54,851
163rd-225th - $47,107
226th-288th - $40,654
289th-351st - $35,492
352nd-414th - $30,974
415th-477th - $27,103
478th-549th - $23,876
550th-621st - $21,295
622nd-693rd - $19,359

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Current Sharkscope Poker Stats

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WSOP 2011

I just read an article over at the great WSOP website that this years WSOP is the biggest ever. It as also the biggest prize pool ever, coming in at over 190 million dollars! With only 1,875 players left in the main event and Ben Lamb as the current chip leader, day three will be more exciting then the last! Check out the live action over at ESPN poker!!

 Check out the article here. WSOP day 2 Recap

Top five ways to lose money playing poker!

So you play a little poker after dinner while you wife watches reruns of Everybody Love Raymond? Why not try to improve your game by a little study. So here are a few tips to get you started with another great top five list. Yah I know a top five list is unusual, hell I could give you 100 to save you money in poker but Im giving you five key tips.

Top Five ways to lose money at poker:

10. Don't chase every hand to the river. The excitement of a big card landing is fun but in the end will be a losing strategy
9.Don't play while your drunk, tired, hungover, or doing something else like work.
8. You can't ever tilt. This is a sure way to drain that 50 dollar bank roll from the credit card your wife doesn't know about. Your deep in a game and you get busted down to half your stack on a bad beat. You have to remember you could double back up with a bit of timing and patient. Get back into the game and forget the hand!
7. Playing to many hands will most defiantly make you a losing poker player. Tighten up a bit and you will improve significantly. Don't play two random cards because you have a hunch and you feel it. Instead wait for good cards for good positions and play those!
6. If you don't play position poker you will get caught raising hands you shouldn't be raising with from early position. So you have TJ and your under the gun. Don't be the player that raises such a mediocre hand from that position. There is a very good chance someone will re-raise you and temp you into the pot. Just fold here and wait for a better position to play the hand.
5. You can never ever play poker with the mind set that you will win it back. If its gone its gone. If your depositing every week because you have extra money and this is fun for you fine. However if your digging your credit card into a hole then stop depositing your just giving better players your money! Save yours and work on your poker skills in stead of believing poker is a true luck game.

Good luck guys! I hope this short list is a gem and will get you on the right direction while playing poker! See you on the felt! Oh and maybe I wont be taking your money if you listen to a few of these tips ;)

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Top ten ways to play better Poker

10. Join a poker forum online like Cardschat where other players can help you
9. Read well written books on poker by authors like Dan Harrington and Collin Moshman
8. Study your poker game by reviewing hand history of your online play. Look for those big mistakes that cost you money
7. Learn to play position poker
6. Get a online poker coach
5. Play a variety of poker games. You might just find your niche
4. Play tight and aggressive poker. Be selective about what kind of hands you play
3. Learn pot odds and implied pot odds
2. Adapt to the other players to maximize potential
1. Play more and more poker. Nothing beats experience!

Oh why Im on the blog check out one of my good friends poker site! All sorts of useful information!!! Tag.

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Thursday is the day for all poker fans to call off work and turn on ESPN 2 and 3 for live WSOP coverage! Poker being one of the most popular games in the world has had a terrible year! The biggest online poker providers were seized by the federal government but poker being such a calling for many people is rebounding every day. Online tables are opening back up and ESPN the greatest sports network will now be broadcasting live coverage of the regular WSOP event. Check it out this Thursday!! Hope to see you on the felt! Poker is back!! Check out the full ESPN article here!

Update: Today is the day to watch WSOP live!

Poker Book Review: Sit and Go Strategy. Play better Poker now

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This book turned me into a winning player and I suggest you read it as well!
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Check out these stats!!

The world of poker is so upside down!

Hollywood Casino - Indiana State Poker Championship

August 11 - 21, 2011


Check out the link for more details!
I will be there! I hope to see some of you at the table as well! I suggest you fold often!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Coming soon!

Book and web link list!!

Search Engine Submission - AddMe

My poker name

Just to explain my name...POTHEADWOMAN

I started reading all of these poker books and some of them kept talking about online table image. I thought that a pot smoking woman would be taken less seriously them a guy named Mr.Lawgrad or IdontdrinkwhenIplay. I don't know if it changes anyone's perception of me at a table in a negative or positive way but I have always convinced myself that if variables are to change I want to be the one manipulating them. Another way I do this is by jabbering crazy things in the chat box frequently. Even while playing with 2 or 3 tables.

Anyways just a random "tool" I picked up from a book that may do nothing lol.

If I ever change my name to another site it will be screamingfemininetiltbaby

My Adventure

Okay my adventures are not glorious..except this one time with a paintball grenade. However let me explain myself. I am a 25 yr old college male from Cincinnati Ohio. I drink but do not smoke pot. I started playing online poker for real money just on a whim because I was bored. I have been playing for about three months now. At first I deposited 20 dollars here and there with ups and downs like any new idiot player. I then discovered a little program called calculatem pro and a few used books that help me establish an ABC type game. So at that point the deposits lasted longer. Finally I found cards chat, moshman, and PT3. I am now a winning poker player with over 500 games logged on bodog.

This month I have played over 100 3.30 10 handed sit n gos with....tada an ROI of 37.94. Overall I am running a 5% ROI. My current April ITM is 44.44. I have had swings and such like everyone else but I am beginning to feel I have got to a point where I will be producing more then I am consuming financial in the online world of texas holdem. FYI.. February was a positive month where I took 20 and turned it into 100. March was a low positive ROI. April has been a huge boost to my confidence. I will continue to study hard. I will continue to poop and read moshman. I will continue to find every edge possible in this game until some jackass named isildur(LOTR unoriginal) becomes some stupid asshole named isildur.

I digress..

Currently the world of bodog is becoming to short sighted of my goals. I plan on moving to fulltilt or pokerstars in the next month or two in order to expand my multitabling and to play a larger pool of fish. Not to mention they have a whole different sng structure that I plan on trying out.

Any suggestions on a site? I need rakeback. It will increase my ROI dramatically. From what I understand fulltilt can be rakedback at 27% or so. So if Im paying .30 per game with 500 games logged that equals out to 40.5 dollars. Which is a huge bankroll boost to my 300 dollar account.

Current goals:

Continue the transition from 3.30 10 man to 6.60 10 man
Master 6.60 10 man and move to fulltilt
Increase from 2 table max to 4 table max
Work on more practice sessions with SNgWHIZ
Review CChat HH and post more HH.

Maybes: Find a coach or get coached for free ???
Stop being full of myself
Stop yelling in the chatbox when my KK loses to A2
Purchase a better computer(more tables better database speed)

Quit my job
Become good enough to coach
provide useful advice to new players

Hope you enjoyed my random post

If anyone wants to come party it up in the Nati just hit me up and we can drink play poker, bar hop, disc golf, paintball( ex pro) street hockey, shag some fly balls, double cream...cough.. or help me cheer for the reds!! Peace out my gangstas

FYI I didn't bother to read through this just go to hell if you cant figure it out!

Sharkscope ROI

Well this is what sharkscope has on me! A 6% ROI! However you have to keep in mind my friend has hacked my account and has been playing a ton of games on here as well as draining my account. MOST of those games other then the 3.30 sng are from him. As you can see my bolt 3.30 SNG turbo is a 10% ROI. If you have any questions about my skill please dont be afraid to write me and ask questions!!! I am also willing to coach people as well!

How to Steal Blinds From a Winning Poker Player

Okay Im playing against a winning player with 10% ROI over 2000+ matchs of 10 handed 3 dolla sng.

He is a tight aggressive player obviously

The question I have can I take advantage of a guy who steals 8% of the time and so far has folded 12/12 steals. I assume his range is calling only 10% or so. should I just hammer wide with the steals on him and fold most of his reraises? Surprisingly though he might be tight passive because he only has a AFq of 17. What should I do??

Well here is what I should do! I should steal steal steal! This guy preys on bad players! His style is tight but passive. He only gets aggressive when he has a premium hand or when his number if blinds will diminish his chances of placing in the money(ie 100 bb or less) So I can easily  steal from him with just about anything. A guy like this is probably also multi tabling so he will be paying less attention to each player at every table he is at. So guys just steal wide on this guy and when he comes back at you fold unless you have a premium hand AQ, JJ+.

Its to nice to play!

So here we are in the middle of summer and its about 100*f outside with the index. Its far to nice during the summer to be playing 40 sngs a day. So I will be back here posting like a maniac once the weather cools down. Im also not playing because one of my best friends took advantage of me and drained ALL of the money in my account! Thank god I had recently withdrawn money or else you would see me on the 12 o clock news as a murder suspect.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Just to let everyone know and to remind myself just in case I forget,  I'm a member over at the kick-ass site  So here are a few interesting posts by me.

Regarding pokertracker stat graphs

SNG whizquiz

Hand Ranges

Obvious mistake

BB: 2,810.00
UTG: 2,910.00
Hero (BTN): 2,605.00
SB: 6,675.00

Hero posts ante 25.00, SB posts ante 25.00, BB posts ante 25.00, UTG posts ante 25.00, SB posts SB 100.00, BB posts BB 200.00

Pre Flop: (400.00) Hero has Jc Js

fold, Hero raises to 600.00, SB calls 500.00, fold

Flop: (1500.00, 2 players) 7s 8h Qh
SB bets 2,000.00, Hero calls 1,980.00 and is all-in

Turn: (5460.00, 2 players) As

River: (5460.00, 2 players) 5h

Hero shows Jc Js (One Pair, Jacks) (PreFlop 54%, Flop 10%, Turn 5%)
SB shows Ks Qs (One Pair, Queens) (PreFlop 46%, Flop 90%, Turn 95%)
SB wins 5,460.00

Okay so as you can see I got a premium hand. I made two mistakes. I should have shipped the hand to add fold equity. However that may have not made the difference because his stack was huge and he may have played any decent ace or king. So the next mistake was obviously calling his 2000 all in inducing bet. I thought he was full of shit for some reason. Typically I can get away from a premium hand if the flop improves. I honestly had no reason to believe that he didnt have a queen with a handsome kicker. So Lesson learned. Get away from a hand when its down.

Welcome or Hello

Okay lets start off and tell you about me. I play bodog poker 3.30 SNG 10 handed turbo tournaments. I play 20-30 a week. I rarely multitable and if I do its only 2 tables at a time. I tried 4 once and was not yet able to handle the insanity.

Sharkscope stats: 378 games, avg. stake 3.00, avg. ROI -3%, ability 54.

So no I am not making money. However I am breaking even at poker right now. I have 89 dollars in my account, however I started at 20.

Looking at the picture will give you all of my sharkscope info.
The next photo is from my pokertracker stats under details.

Okay glad I got my first post out of the way. Its not organized obviously. Once I get the idea of what I really want to say ill start posting a format everyday or so about what is going on in poker world for me.