Friday, November 4, 2011

Optimisim From a US Professional Poker Player!

 I decided to let my buddy Marc write about his poker success and experiences! I thought it would be a great way to promote himself and keep other American poker players motivated to keep playing hard!! Enjoy his letter!

Hello Guys,

My name is Marc I live in Pompano Beach Fl right now. I have been playing poker professionally for 6 years. I started playing in 2004 after watching the main event on T.V. I was so clueless at the time I didn’t even know that they put up there on money. I thought ESPN just gave out those prizes. I have obviously come along way. I played play chips on party poker for 6 months or so. I actually started with 5,000 chips and built it up to 1 billion chips. Yes I had no life. I deposited $100 and lost it and another $50 and lost that. I decided to take one more shot and I did and never looked back. I started on 0.10/0.25 and made around $1,000 after that binked a $1 tourney for $500. After that I skipped 0.25/50 and played 0.5/1 and made around $2,000 or so. My semi break came when I jumped up to $2-4 one night and won $1,500. I ended up pounding out $17,000 more on 2/4. After that the government shut it down (2006 ) shut down. I took a most of the year off and didn’t play much probably made $10,000 on FT and Bodog. In 2008 I was making around $3,000 a month playing .5/1 and was somewhat content. Something really motivated me and I decided to start 8 table and did pretty well and ended up winning $40,000 which ranked me first on Absolute Poker 0.5/1. In 2009 I clocked in around 1,000 hours mostly 9 tabling and made around $80,000 which was second for my limit. 2010 started great and made around 30,000 the first 5 months. I had a rough break up which caused my to play less. During the government shutdown I luckily only had $1,500 on AP. I decided to play full time live and did that the last 6 months or so. I am waiting for government to legalize before I play again. I have never worked a day in my life and I thank the game of poker for that.

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