Monday, January 16, 2012

A Poker Players Backpack(Sneak Peek Twitter Exclusive)

Whats In My Poker Backpack?
Going to the casino is all about being prepared. Some people are fine with  playing a five to eight hour live poker session and holding everything in their pockets. This is why I bring a small back pack. I usually have a number of things on me that I don't want in my pocket or coat.  My local casino, Hollywood Casino Indiana, can have reasonably long waits on any given day of the week, even if I reserve a seat ahead of time. So let me go ahead and share a few things I tend to bring.

Monday, January 9, 2012

My Local Casino: Hollywood Casino WPT Poker Room

This is the daily tournament schedule for Hollywood Casino Indiana Poker
While I am promoting Hollywood Casino Indiana Poker room, lets go ahead and list why you should play live poker here.
  • Official WPT Poker Room
  • Offers great poker action with a superb poker environment
  • Lots of Fish and Passive players(watch out for the sharks)
  • Well organized with a great staff
  • Easy to cash tournaments with decent structure
  • Comfortable room with a great bar and servers. Check out the dollar per minute massages by a great masseuse staff
  • Non-smoking
  • Cash players receive $1 per hour on their players card, which is a great way to buy some drinks
Hollywood Casino Indiana Poker is the best you will find in the Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky tristate area. Friday and Saturday nights are the best time to take advantage of the drunks playing. If your on your way give them a call at 812.539.MYPK (6975) in order to get on the list for a cash table. This alone will save you at least twenty minutes because Hollywood Casino Indiana Poker is hot and will get packet during the evening hours. 

Poker In 2012; Touching Base With All Of My Followers

December of 2011 was a busy time for me, so I would like to apologize to my fan base for being very inactive. The truth is I stopped playing online poker completely and moved over to the live play part time. In fact, I made over 3,000 dollars in the month of December playing twice a week. I played a mixture of tournaments and 1/2 cash tables. So far in the new year, I have netted 1,000 dollars. So as you can see I feel like live play is a more profitable experience over the possible U.S online field. On top of that, College studies have also been consuming much of time that is normally used to work on my fledgling little blog.