Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How to Build a Poker Bankroll


To be entirely honest, starting a bankroll from scratch is pretty difficult. Sure there are freerolls floating around the net all the time. You can try and win one of those in order to start your bank roll but I prefer my method better. The merge network allows players to enter into a series of steps tournaments for free everyday. Each member gets ten tickets for entry into the steps. There are three steps. If you win the third step then a dollar will be deposited into your account that can be used towards real money poker games.

This is the exact method I used to create my bankroll. I only did the steps SNG tournaments until I reached $25. Once I hit that I grinded out real money sit-n-gos. I then hit an MTT for around $90. My account is  now around $150 and my goal is $10,000 before I withdraw. Hopefully this article shows you something you didn't know before!

Join a Merge Poker Site

In order to start a poker bankroll from nothing you will be required to join a poker site. My method involves the merge network. You can sign up for my promoted merge site, Cake Poker . In order to do this you will not have to deposit at all. Just sign up and download the client. All the merge clients are the same so follow the pictures in order to get your free steps tickets.

First click Player Admin
Then you will need to click Play Money Top Off in the left hand column.
 Refer to the picture above and click exchange play money for sng coupon.
You will now have 1 ticket to enter the steps tournaments  under the Sit N Go tab in your poker client.

Now What

Now you will need the discipline to keep playing the steps every single day until you have won around 25 dollars worth. Why 25 dollars? Because bankroll management is one of the most important strategies used in poker. It offers you loss protection and helps you play the correct poker stakes.
From here on out I suggest playing the 1 +.10 turbo SNGs on your poker site. You have saved up around 25 buy ins and more then likely learned a lot from the steps on how to play SNGs. The $1 turbos have very soft play and with a good ABC and decent ICM strategy you can turn this small bankroll into much more.


My method explained above is a great way to learn how to play single table tournaments(Sit n Go) and a great way to build a small bankroll for Free. I enjoyed playing the steps when I started my bankroll challenge because it really helped me freshen my SNG game without spending any of my own money. Granted the step 1 and 2 are REALLY soft games but still the refresher was nice. I hope you enjoyed this simple article on bankroll building. If you enjoy Micro Cash Games, keep on the look out for a strategy guide soon!


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