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How To Quickly Become A Better Poker Player

How to poker: Improve your game with these winning tips
If your tired of losing poker online or at your friends house then you really need to take this article seriously! Playing poker is a lot of fun but why waste your time and money losing every night after work. The old adage of poker is: Poker is easy to learn but difficult to master. However, becoming an above average player is not that difficult. Take these next few tips to heart and you will quickly see the days of losing are over. Trust this guide and poker will become much much more fun!

1. Stop playing as many hands
Less is more in poker. Choosing better hands to get involved in will improve your ability to take chips from the other players. This is by far the number one mistake new players make when venturing into the poker world. Pick better hands to play! Never play a hand because you feel like your going to get lucky! Try to play less then forty percent of the hands you play. When you do play hands, play them aggressively!

2.Just because your in a hand doesn't mean you have to stay in the hand.
Okay so you started playing less hands right? Well what are you doing with pocket 10s when the flop is AQK? Calling a huge bet here is not a great idea. You probably have 4 outs(JJJJ). Your most likely beat by a higher pair and another ten could hurt you. Get out of bad hands on the flop turn and even the river unless the you have GREAT pot odds. There is no reason to chase down this hand to win. There will be other hands where the flop hits your hole cards!

3. Only play poker when your in a great mood

Playing poker after an argument with your wife is never a good idea. Whenever your in a negative mood stay away from playing poker. You will make decisions that will hurt your game in the short term and long term. If you happen to be someone who tilts easy then you clearly need to work on this factor of your game. Everyone tilts a bit but once again tilting hurts you in the short and long term. Take a break or walk away if you can. The last hand doesn't matter anymore. Other players will quickly figure out that your mood is a huge opportunity for them. So stay positive and get rid of the negative energy at the table.

4. Play poker sober, not dunk

Playing drunk is a great way to never make any money at the table. I actually do have a friend who plays online poker drunk quite frequently. He is a good player and as much as he plays he could be making lots of money. However, two nights out of seven he plays while drinking and makes horrible decisions. Why he does it I don't know. The point is, you will not play good poker and make great poker moves while playing and drinking. If there is anything you take from this article then this should probably be it. It will destroy your game. I am warning you, DO NOT PLAY POKER DRUNK!

5. Bluffing is for skilled poker players
Everyone knows or wait thinks they know that poker is really about bluffing. This is completely untrue. What is true about bluffing? People do bluff but that doesn't mean you should play poker to bluff. Having a good understanding of complex poker concepts is needed in order to be good at bluffing. Making bluffs work is also about understand other player's poker styles. I do not recommend bluffing until you have become experienced. I am an experienced player and I hardly bluff at all. If your going to bluff then do it infrequently and don't bluff players that play a lot of hands or tend to call every showdown.

Ready to play online?
So there you have it! I promise these pointers will help you out in the long run! Just hang in there and keep learning! If you would like to take your poker game to the next level and play online then why not try cake poker! They accept all players and you can win real money! The only way to get better is to play more so Download Cake Poker Here
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