Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Looking for Free Poker Software?

The only true free poker software
Like you, I started playing online poker without the aid of software in my game or study. I began a long journey through Google searching and searching for great poker software that was free.
Do you know what I found? A few offers for free software that had lengthy conditions and Poker stove. Poker stove is not an in game software. So it wont help you while you play the tables. However it really is a great poker calculator that allows you to put up different situations and hands in order to better understand the odds.

Now your asking yourself, "Are there not tons of free calculators out there already?".
Well yes but they are incredibly simple or cost money. This software is 100% free and comes with no software restrictions. This is a great tool that will help you understand poker probability and odds.

There many poker programs that can calculate poker odds. Most of these poker simulators use a general purpose algorithms to perform the poker odds calculations. This generic approach doesn't take advantage of the full range of possible optimizations. To explore the effect of global optimizations, a preflop evaluator which can fully enumerate complex preflop situations was developed. This "zealous" evaluator is able to compute an exact solution roughly 100 times faster than any general purpose evaluator.

Poker Stove is the result of this work. Poker Stove is a poker calculator for Texas Hold'em. It is currently available free of charge, with no spyware, spam or other annoyances. Download and enjoy.

Download the software here: Pokerstove Download

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