Monday, July 11, 2011

My Adventure

Okay my adventures are not glorious..except this one time with a paintball grenade. However let me explain myself. I am a 25 yr old college male from Cincinnati Ohio. I drink but do not smoke pot. I started playing online poker for real money just on a whim because I was bored. I have been playing for about three months now. At first I deposited 20 dollars here and there with ups and downs like any new idiot player. I then discovered a little program called calculatem pro and a few used books that help me establish an ABC type game. So at that point the deposits lasted longer. Finally I found cards chat, moshman, and PT3. I am now a winning poker player with over 500 games logged on bodog.

This month I have played over 100 3.30 10 handed sit n gos with....tada an ROI of 37.94. Overall I am running a 5% ROI. My current April ITM is 44.44. I have had swings and such like everyone else but I am beginning to feel I have got to a point where I will be producing more then I am consuming financial in the online world of texas holdem. FYI.. February was a positive month where I took 20 and turned it into 100. March was a low positive ROI. April has been a huge boost to my confidence. I will continue to study hard. I will continue to poop and read moshman. I will continue to find every edge possible in this game until some jackass named isildur(LOTR unoriginal) becomes some stupid asshole named isildur.

I digress..

Currently the world of bodog is becoming to short sighted of my goals. I plan on moving to fulltilt or pokerstars in the next month or two in order to expand my multitabling and to play a larger pool of fish. Not to mention they have a whole different sng structure that I plan on trying out.

Any suggestions on a site? I need rakeback. It will increase my ROI dramatically. From what I understand fulltilt can be rakedback at 27% or so. So if Im paying .30 per game with 500 games logged that equals out to 40.5 dollars. Which is a huge bankroll boost to my 300 dollar account.

Current goals:

Continue the transition from 3.30 10 man to 6.60 10 man
Master 6.60 10 man and move to fulltilt
Increase from 2 table max to 4 table max
Work on more practice sessions with SNgWHIZ
Review CChat HH and post more HH.

Maybes: Find a coach or get coached for free ???
Stop being full of myself
Stop yelling in the chatbox when my KK loses to A2
Purchase a better computer(more tables better database speed)

Quit my job
Become good enough to coach
provide useful advice to new players

Hope you enjoyed my random post

If anyone wants to come party it up in the Nati just hit me up and we can drink play poker, bar hop, disc golf, paintball( ex pro) street hockey, shag some fly balls, double cream...cough.. or help me cheer for the reds!! Peace out my gangstas

FYI I didn't bother to read through this just go to hell if you cant figure it out!

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