Monday, March 28, 2011

Welcome or Hello

Okay lets start off and tell you about me. I play bodog poker 3.30 SNG 10 handed turbo tournaments. I play 20-30 a week. I rarely multitable and if I do its only 2 tables at a time. I tried 4 once and was not yet able to handle the insanity.

Sharkscope stats: 378 games, avg. stake 3.00, avg. ROI -3%, ability 54.

So no I am not making money. However I am breaking even at poker right now. I have 89 dollars in my account, however I started at 20.

Looking at the picture will give you all of my sharkscope info.
The next photo is from my pokertracker stats under details.

Okay glad I got my first post out of the way. Its not organized obviously. Once I get the idea of what I really want to say ill start posting a format everyday or so about what is going on in poker world for me.


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