Thursday, November 10, 2011

To Any Players Signed Up To Carbon Poker Through My Site

I just want all of my players to know that I have signed us up for a an extra freeroll on Carbon Poker. Make sure you take advantage of this opportunity in order to help you learn more about MTT and  to start a bankroll! I hope you enjoy this offer! 
Every month on the second Saturday and Sunday of the month CarbonPoker is offering a $500 freeroll and a $500 Added Value- $2.20 Buyin for our players - Join Now!   
Here are the details to this months exclusive tournament series.
Name: Exclusive $500 Freeroll
Where: CarbonPoker Lobby
When:  November 12th @ 15:00 CarbonPoker Server time.
Location: CarbonPoker>> Tournaments>> Private>> Scheduled.
Name: Exclusive $500 Added Value – $2.20 Buyin
Where: CarbonPoker Lobby
When:  November 13th @ 15:00 CarbonPoker Server time
Location: CarbonPoker>> Tournaments>> Private>> Scheduled.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Optimisim From a US Professional Poker Player!

 I decided to let my buddy Marc write about his poker success and experiences! I thought it would be a great way to promote himself and keep other American poker players motivated to keep playing hard!! Enjoy his letter!

Hello Guys,

My name is Marc I live in Pompano Beach Fl right now. I have been playing poker professionally for 6 years. I started playing in 2004 after watching the main event on T.V. I was so clueless at the time I didn’t even know that they put up there on money. I thought ESPN just gave out those prizes. I have obviously come along way. I played play chips on party poker for 6 months or so. I actually started with 5,000 chips and built it up to 1 billion chips. Yes I had no life. I deposited $100 and lost it and another $50 and lost that. I decided to take one more shot and I did and never looked back. I started on 0.10/0.25 and made around $1,000 after that binked a $1 tourney for $500. After that I skipped 0.25/50 and played 0.5/1 and made around $2,000 or so. My semi break came when I jumped up to $2-4 one night and won $1,500. I ended up pounding out $17,000 more on 2/4. After that the government shut it down (2006 ) shut down. I took a most of the year off and didn’t play much probably made $10,000 on FT and Bodog. In 2008 I was making around $3,000 a month playing .5/1 and was somewhat content. Something really motivated me and I decided to start 8 table and did pretty well and ended up winning $40,000 which ranked me first on Absolute Poker 0.5/1. In 2009 I clocked in around 1,000 hours mostly 9 tabling and made around $80,000 which was second for my limit. 2010 started great and made around 30,000 the first 5 months. I had a rough break up which caused my to play less. During the government shutdown I luckily only had $1,500 on AP. I decided to play full time live and did that the last 6 months or so. I am waiting for government to legalize before I play again. I have never worked a day in my life and I thank the game of poker for that.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hand Review: I made a terrible play but it worked out! Deep discussion required!

 Alright this is my first hand review! I decided to put a terrible hand on here that  way I could get a lot of in-depth discussion and criticism. A lot of Reddit readers also wanted to get some deep poker discussion going. Hopefully this satisfies and opens a lot up of talk!

So let me explain my play in this hand. I was BB and called the pot odds despite being out of position to call as well. I hit my five and bet putting this guy on over cards. I was re-raised on the flop, however this villain likes to re-raise a lot more then they should. So I went over the top! I bad beat the bastard and probably paid for it the next hand because I got KK and lost to QTo.

What is the estimated loss of equity making this play long term?
What are other potential options when PLAYING this hand?
Anything else is up for discussion as well!

Merge - $.50+$0.10|<> NL - Holdem - 9 players
Hand converted by PokerTracker 3:

MP+1: 1,387.00
LP: 1,030.00
CO: 1,420.00
BTN: 1,675.00
SB: 3,765.00
Hero (BB): 1,015.00
UTG: 1,510.00
UTG+1: 1,686.00
MP: 1,512.00

SB posts SB 25.00, Hero posts BB 50.00

Pre Flop: (75.00) Hero has Kd 5d

fold, fold, fold, fold, fold, fold, BTN raises to 100.00, fold, Hero calls 50.00

Flop: (225.00, 2 players) 5s Td 7h
Hero bets 112.00, BTN raises to 224.00, Hero raises to 915.00 and is all-in, BTN calls 691.00

Turn: (2055.00, 2 players) Kh

River: (2055.00, 2 players) 4s

BTN shows Ts Jh (One Pair, Tens) (PreFlop 43%, Flop 75%, Turn 5%)
Hero shows Kd 5d (Two Pair, Kings and Fives) (PreFlop 57%, Flop 25%, Turn 95%)
Hero wins 2,055.00

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How to Build a Poker Bankroll


To be entirely honest, starting a bankroll from scratch is pretty difficult. Sure there are freerolls floating around the net all the time. You can try and win one of those in order to start your bank roll but I prefer my method better. The merge network allows players to enter into a series of steps tournaments for free everyday. Each member gets ten tickets for entry into the steps. There are three steps. If you win the third step then a dollar will be deposited into your account that can be used towards real money poker games.