Saturday, October 1, 2011

Staking Poker at Cake or Carbon Poker

I am looking for one player who wants to be staked full time. I have been on many sites looking for players to include Part time poker and a few others. I have only found several players who have lied about stakes and stats and have not really shown me anything yet. If you meet these few qualifications and want to play staked for a minimum of 12 months. Please consider my offer. This stake is for a player who is willing to prove himself or herself. Not just try and get some free money to play for the short term.

1. You must be willing to play Sit N Go's or MTTS

2. Be willing to set up a new account on either Cake, PDC Aced, or Carbon poker

3. Play a volume of atlest 75 games a month.

4. Be a serious player not a recreational player

Terms of the stake.

If you win the spot and are selected you will be staked by me for 12 months. The stake is for lower limits (Max 25.00) Sit N goes and 15.00 MTT's. The stake can be terminated by me or the person being staked at any time. My intent is to find a player who wants to build a bankroll and learn to play the game to earn an income. To be considered for this stake you will have to open a new account on one of the three sponsored poker rooms.

I have had to set up my Stake oppertunities this way becouse the other Staking sites do not offer any protection or way to get rid of the players who are just begging and not willing to play to learn. Anyone can sit down only those who are dedicated to the game and have self discipline can be successful.

Steps to earning the stake.

Players part. ( This is my way of seeing who just wants to get free money or is serious in playing this game)

1. Click on one of the banners for the site you want to play on the right of the home page.

2. Set up a free poker account using the initial deposit code of SHOVEPOKERBONUS

This will get you a bonus of 100% of your deposit up to 600.00.

3. Make a minimum deposit of 10.00 my code will get you your money matched up to 600.00 so you will be doing this for free basically. The bonus will be paid out as you play to insure that you don't just withdrawl my money back out.

4. Play Sit N Goes or MTT's with the monthly volume of minimum of 75 games.

5. Email me your user id that you signed up with to . This way I can track your stats.

How will the person be chosen for the full time stake.

There will be several deciding factors that will determine who gets the stake.

1. Volume this is big to me. If your not playing atleast 75 games a month than you will be wasting both of our time.

2. Being Consistent is the next big thing. I am not looking for someone who can hit one big tournament and not make the money again.

3. Winnings will be consider at the bottom part of my equation. Winnings is important but not the most important part of the game. So to make it fair to someone who chooses to deposit the minimum versus someone who deposits the max is to use it based off the ROI (return on Investment)

4. I will post the standings each month so you can see how you compare to the other players.


How many players will be chosen?

I will guarantee that I will choose one player, however I have the right to choose as many players that I feel meet my qualifications.

Why Do I need to sign up for a Promotion to be considered for this stake?

I have staked many players and have found that it is impossible to figure out who is serious, who is lying about there stats, who really can play. I have tried just giving people low limit stakes and have found that players will just take the money play what ever they want and have no discipline. I have found that players who really want to learn the game and be staked will be willing to show they deserve the shot.

What will I get while I am trying to qualify for the stake?

I offer free coaching to all members who are trying to qualify or get staked from me. I offer no guarantees that you will be chosen at the end of the stake. However if you play for the whole time you will get coaching for the whole time. Most coaches charge between 50 and 100 dollars an hour you will be getting this for free. So you will be able to ask questions at any time you need and get answers.

How Much will the stake be for if I am chosen?

Your stake will be comparable for the level of play you chose to play during your qualifying. If you play mostly 25.00 DONS your stake will be the amount you need to have a bankroll to sustain that. Remember you are applying for a stake. So you play the level you feel the most comfortable at doing the best. Bankroll management will be very important as well.

When will the person start the stake if chosen?

My offer starts Jan 1, 2012 My offer and intention is to stake a player for a year. So it would be easier for me to keep records to start on the first of the year. I will announce the people who are going to get the stake on Dec 24, 2011

I am sorry that I had to set up my search for players with a promotion system however this the only way i can get serious players to play for me.

If you have any questions you can post them on the Forum if you are a registered member of my site or email me at

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