Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Top five ways to lose money playing poker!

So you play a little poker after dinner while you wife watches reruns of Everybody Love Raymond? Why not try to improve your game by a little study. So here are a few tips to get you started with another great top five list. Yah I know a top five list is unusual, hell I could give you 100 to save you money in poker but Im giving you five key tips.

Top Five ways to lose money at poker:

10. Don't chase every hand to the river. The excitement of a big card landing is fun but in the end will be a losing strategy
9.Don't play while your drunk, tired, hungover, or doing something else like work.
8. You can't ever tilt. This is a sure way to drain that 50 dollar bank roll from the credit card your wife doesn't know about. Your deep in a game and you get busted down to half your stack on a bad beat. You have to remember you could double back up with a bit of timing and patient. Get back into the game and forget the hand!
7. Playing to many hands will most defiantly make you a losing poker player. Tighten up a bit and you will improve significantly. Don't play two random cards because you have a hunch and you feel it. Instead wait for good cards for good positions and play those!
6. If you don't play position poker you will get caught raising hands you shouldn't be raising with from early position. So you have TJ and your under the gun. Don't be the player that raises such a mediocre hand from that position. There is a very good chance someone will re-raise you and temp you into the pot. Just fold here and wait for a better position to play the hand.
5. You can never ever play poker with the mind set that you will win it back. If its gone its gone. If your depositing every week because you have extra money and this is fun for you fine. However if your digging your credit card into a hole then stop depositing your just giving better players your money! Save yours and work on your poker skills in stead of believing poker is a true luck game.

Good luck guys! I hope this short list is a gem and will get you on the right direction while playing poker! See you on the felt! Oh and maybe I wont be taking your money if you listen to a few of these tips ;)

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