Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tribute To Steve Jobs From A Poker Player

Dear Players,

One of the most iconic men in the past 30 years passed away today, October 5th 2011. His name is Steve Jobs and nearly every single person in the modern world has been touched by him in someway. In every electronic device you currently own there is influence from Steve. Jobs gave us the most important tool we will ever use, the computer. Without the Apple and Jobs, how would we have ever have moved our Wagon and family across the Oregon Trail? We as poker players should be most happy with Jobs. Without him, poker would still be in Vegas or in a smoke filled Veteran Hall. We owe him for bringing the personal computer to the world and allowing us to play online poker. Without him and his influence on every single device you own, we wouldn't be playing poker in our pajamas at five in the morning. The WSOP and other venues would not be broadcast on ESPN or NBC. In fact most of us would have never learned the game if it were not for his innovation that dominates the modern world. To keep this short and sweet, thank you Steve Jobs! You were never a perfect being but neither are we. The world is blessed by your intellect and forward thinking. Mankind will be eternally great-full because of the Modern Computer. Everyone please take a moment to reflect on what that man gave us! We owe him that much.

Matt Dawson

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