Monday, July 11, 2011

How to Steal Blinds From a Winning Poker Player

Okay Im playing against a winning player with 10% ROI over 2000+ matchs of 10 handed 3 dolla sng.

He is a tight aggressive player obviously

The question I have can I take advantage of a guy who steals 8% of the time and so far has folded 12/12 steals. I assume his range is calling only 10% or so. should I just hammer wide with the steals on him and fold most of his reraises? Surprisingly though he might be tight passive because he only has a AFq of 17. What should I do??

Well here is what I should do! I should steal steal steal! This guy preys on bad players! His style is tight but passive. He only gets aggressive when he has a premium hand or when his number if blinds will diminish his chances of placing in the money(ie 100 bb or less) So I can easily  steal from him with just about anything. A guy like this is probably also multi tabling so he will be paying less attention to each player at every table he is at. So guys just steal wide on this guy and when he comes back at you fold unless you have a premium hand AQ, JJ+.

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