Monday, January 16, 2012

A Poker Players Backpack(Sneak Peek Twitter Exclusive)

Whats In My Poker Backpack?
Going to the casino is all about being prepared. Some people are fine with  playing a five to eight hour live poker session and holding everything in their pockets. This is why I bring a small back pack. I usually have a number of things on me that I don't want in my pocket or coat.  My local casino, Hollywood Casino Indiana, can have reasonably long waits on any given day of the week, even if I reserve a seat ahead of time. So let me go ahead and share a few things I tend to bring.

        This is the small backpack from North Face that I bring with me on every trip to the casino. I can load with all of sorts of things that I may need or desire while playing a love live poker session. Things to fill it with can include; cash, headphones, identification, magazines, etc. A small backpack is as big as you should go when picking one out. I recommend getting the one below at amazon because of the great price.

Headphones And MP3 Player

             Any good poker session can get boring, especially if you have nothing to discuss with the other players at your table. I am typically a quite poker player that sits back and listen to a little music as the chips come my way. I bring two different sets of headphones to use on my android phone. One is a over the ears headset that provides superior sound for every poker session. The second pair is a smaller earbud style with pretty good sound quality.

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