Monday, January 9, 2012

Poker In 2012; Touching Base With All Of My Followers

December of 2011 was a busy time for me, so I would like to apologize to my fan base for being very inactive. The truth is I stopped playing online poker completely and moved over to the live play part time. In fact, I made over 3,000 dollars in the month of December playing twice a week. I played a mixture of tournaments and 1/2 cash tables. So far in the new year, I have netted 1,000 dollars. So as you can see I feel like live play is a more profitable experience over the possible U.S online field. On top of that, College studies have also been consuming much of time that is normally used to work on my fledgling little blog.

 I feel that the status of this blog will be rejuvenated with my current live poker success. I should also stress that I will be removing most of my U.S poker room endorsements to just one room. The one room that I will still highlight is Carbon Poker! This blog will no longer support poker rooms like Bovada or Cake. In fact, I now despise Bovada because every player is anonymous and you are only permitted to play 4 games at once. 
My motivation for this blog is in all honestly to produce a supplemental income. However, I do love this game and want to promote it to the best of my ability and with honesty. Considering two events really discouraged me from the poker business in 2011; Poker Player Accademy's theft of my money and Fulltilt's theft of everyone's money. I will be promoting the honesty that should and better be installed into the poker business. Kudos to Pokerstars for paying all of their fans back in a reasonable amount of time!

Please look to this blog for more information in 2012 and I wish all of you a great year in the poker world. May the shove be with you and also a large stack of bills!

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